Don’t you just love the idea that you can pay your staff the right amount of money and have the correct deductions for PAYE and UIF? We not only help you run your monthly payroll, but assist in uploading the monthly SARS and UIF returns. We guide you on salary structures, paying out bonuses and annual increases and also submit your annual returns and generate your IRP5s for you.

There is no greater feeling than knowing you are paying your staff what they deserve as they help you grow your business and doing it the right way.

Our elves kick up a storm and ensure that the payroll is updated within a week of the budget speech every year, so there are no delays amending the benefits and deductions and paying your staff as the legislation changes from week one!

Mike regularly whips out his eyeglasses every month and monitors the net income in the business to ensure tax efficiency between the business and the owners. We have an aversion to having to make you pay more than you need to Caesar and if we can optimise and save you an extra buck we certainly will …